Nicole Abadee

Literary Consultant


I love books. I love reading them, writing about them, talking about them and helping people to write them.

I am the books writer for The Australian Financial Review Magazine, out on the last Friday of the month with the newspaper. I also write about books for Good Weekend and Australian Book Review from time to time. 

I am also a literary consultant. I help writers to develop and polish their manuscripts and to get published. 

Finally, I act as a facilitator at literary events and writers' festivals. I have appeared at Sydney Writers' Festival, Byron Writers' Festival and St Albans Writers' Festival.

I have been working in the book industry since 2010. I started at Penguin Random House, where I became a senior editor. I have been a books writer since 2016.  Before that I had a 20-year career in the law. I was a barrister at the New South Wales Bar and I lectured post-graduates and undergraduates in International Law at the University of Sydney. 

I am passionate about books and love everything about working in this fabulous industry